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ŠKODA AUTO відповідатиме за розвиток платформи MQB-A0

Українська команда перемогла у конкурсі ŠKODA Challenge

Акція для клієнтів ŠKODA «Лови момент удачі»

Інформація щодо збільшення строків поставок автомобілів

Унікальна акція від СГ «ТАС»: ŠKODA придбай – КАСКО тримай!


PR-bureau "Dieslovo" was founded in 2008. It is based on the PR-department of the Marketing Technologies Bureau. "Dieslovo" – is a full member of the Group of Companies Bureau and positions itself as the Bureau of effective PR.

Today in all spheres of Ukrainian business there is too much "PR" but very few effective actions. Our mission:

Act to be heard.

We have our own opinion and it allows the PR-Bureau develop and implement successful social projects. However, every day we are working for the public to hear about our clients, so that every step is effective and lead to the expected and forecast results.

We know that there are no annoying customers; there are no customers who do not have PR-resource. In the activity of any company we find really important issues and make them interesting to the public. We have developed an appropriate algorithm of work:


                                    Find the genuine. Make it interesting. Change the world.


Our values

Awareness. Enable to navigate and choose the right direction for further action, to find the necessary words, to identify the points of intervention. Not worth the fuss – it is necessary just to find and analyze the truly important information.

Activity. People are always looking for new opportunities to strengthen and improve communication, to reach understanding. There was created a set of tools – starting with the clasped hands and the horn, and ending with special events, press conferences and communication campaigns. If you did - say – you will be heard.

Honesty. Better not to begin work on the project, if you know that you have to deceive customers or the public. Honesty is required implicitly, but forever. Honesty - is the largest resource for achieving the goal.

Persuasiveness.  Fill ideas, events and people with charisma. The main criterion of credibility - is the audience feedback. You do not have a question: "Why did we do it? What is the result? "- our projects speak for themselves.



Development of PR-strategy. Development of PR-campaigns. Working with the media. Organization of special events. Events. Press tours. Press conferences. Press office. Press releases. Crisis PR-response. Working with government agencies, public and business organizations. Intranet PR. 


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