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Development of PR-strategies:

  • Sociological and Marketing Research
  • Identification of target audiences
  • Development of positioning
  • Identification of methods and forms of work with target audiences
  • Implementation of PR-strategy
  • Information support in the media

Development of PR-campaigns:

  • Identification of information channels of influence on the target audience
  • Development of idea / program / script of PR-campaign
  • Implementation of PR-campaign
  • Information support in the media

Work with the media:

  • Media planning
  • Media monitoring
  • Analysis of the media activities of competitors
  • Organization of press conferences, briefings, press tours, etc.
  • Preparation and distribution of press materials
  • Formation of media contacts database
  • Work with drafting plans of media
  • Copywriting and speechwriting
  • Organization and conducting media training
  • Accommodation in media advertising models, and informational messages

Organization of special events:

  • Organization of seminars, conferences, presentations, promotions, auto show, etc.
  • Organization of exhibitions
  • Information support in the media

Anti-crisis PR-Response:

  • Identification of the source of the crisis
  • Development of detailed strategy to overcome the crisis
  • Identification of target audiences and communication channels of influence on them
  • Media coverage of the stages of overcoming the crisis
  • Restoration of reputation

Work with government agencies, public and business organizations:

  • Development of information materials
  • Interaction with the press services
  • Accession to the public and business organizations
  • Organization of joint projects with government and public institutions


  • Development of internal politics, philosophy and mission statement
  • Building and strengthening intra-relationships
  • Organization of corporate events and celebrations
  • Publication of intra-media production
  • Preparation of weekly/monthly e-newsletter



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