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One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world that develops, manufactures and sell medical products for the sake of improving the quality of life for each patient.
Phytopharmaceutical company Bionorica
A leading European manufacturer of generic drugs.
The company "Hipp UKRAINE" - one of the largest and most prosperous companies in the baby food market in Ukraine.
Kyivmiskbud is the largest real estate market operator and almost single developer that in its activity is oriented for assurance of citizens necessities with a middle income.
Construction Group Fundament

Kyiv city employment center
Kyiv city employment center - the state organization which on the principles of social insurance against unemployment provides a wide range of services to unemployed and unemployed people of all ages, gender, nationality, material wealth.
Home appliances stores.
International Charity Foundation "Otchiy Dom"
Center for Social Care of a Child “Otchiy Dom”- is a system of consecutive rehabilitation programs for children in difficult circumstances.
At the moment “Otchiy Dom " is known as a leader in programs for children in Ukraine. International Charity Foundation "Otchiy Dom" has more than 12 departments, whose activities are aimed at helping street children and children deprived of parental care.
"Dar Yangola"
"Dar Yangola" - is an informal association of people who are active to improve on the quality of medical care for children.
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