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10-year anniversary! PR-bureau "Dieslovo" has won the tender of the company "Bionorica".

PR-bureau “Dieslovo” has won the tender on carrying out activities for the pharmaceutical company “Bionorica”, dated to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company in Ukraine. Within the project, the PR-bureau “Dіeslovo” will undertake the development of creative concept and script, as well as organization and conducting the event.

Nina Ali, director of the PR-bureau “Dieslovo”: “The priority in our work with the client is a mutual understanding between both parties. For the effective implementation of the integrated project it is important to become one inseparable whole. In each of the proposed activity, we felt and gave the spirit of the 10-year presence in the market, positioning, experience and knowledge.”

Natalia Kaetkina, Event-manager of “Bionorica”: “10th anniversary of the company, “Bionorica” in Ukraine is an important event not only Ukrainian, but also pan-European scale. Our experience is unique in that we are in the special conditions, where 10 years may already be considered as era. Walk this way - is a great honor for our entire company, and we are glad to find a worthy partner in order to celebrate the big milestone of the way.”

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