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The PR bureau Dieslovo organized opening of innovative production of Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa"

The PR bureau Dieslovo organized official opening of innovative production of infusion solutions of Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa". 

The task of PR-bureau Dieslovo team was to emphasize innovation (not only for Ukraine), the high European level, and the social importance of the company. 

The opening of the European-based care for the health of the population of production, visited the First Lady of Ukraine Marina Poroshenko.


"Now, when our country chose the European way of development, it is very pleasant that the national producer, despite of difficulties, is guided by the quality standards recognized in Europe and around the world", - madam Poroshenko noted.

The program of action included excursion on innovative production of the European type, a press briefing, a charity event about transfer of drugs to medical institutions with wounded from the anti-terrorist operation zone.


The CEO of Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa" Svetlana Didenko, summing up the event results, told: "Not words – acts testify to patriotism of our team. Even in the heaviest time we trust in the European future of Ukraine and we realize long-term investment projects. Besides development of innovative production in Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa", we actively do charity work and lately transferred to humanitarian aid to the sum about 7 million UAH".

The director of PR-bureau Dieslovo Nina Ali noted: "It is very pleasant to us to work with the leader of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. Especially as in this case, is about what to tell the general public – after all it is not only about absolutely new to Ukraine, but also socially significant product extremely necessary both for the front, and for a big circle of patients".

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