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PR-bureau "Dieslovo" helped implement social and educational event of the National Social Initiative "60 + KARDІO."
The 15th of the May in the park Shevchenko every citizen (close to retirement age and older) had the opportunity to be diagnosed cardiovascular risks and consult specialist cardiologists. This opportunity - in cooperation with the company SANDOZ and support of the Association of preventive and anti-aging medicine - organized PR-bureau "Dieslovo."
The Network "ECO market" have a new press office
According to the results of an open tender, press support network of supermarkets "Eko market" will provide PR-bureau "Dieslovo" in 2013.

PR-bureau «Dieslovo» developed a diary of success for COMFY employees
PR-bureau «Dieslovo» developed a creative concept and produced an unusual diary for 2013 for employees of the COMFY supermarket of electronics.
PR-bureau "Dieslovo" at the "Smart Pharma"

PR-bureau "Dieslovo" developed concept of calendar for 2013
PR-bureau "Dieslovo" developed the concept for desktop calendar 2013.
There has to be a gym!

The big game in the name of children lives

PR-бюро «Дієслово» організувало прес-конференцію Всеукраїнської соціальної ініціативи «60+ Кардіо»

A new residential complex "Ozernі zorі" offers a "comfortable living near the water"
Назву «Озерні зорі» отримав унікальний житловий комплекс, зведений на мальовничому київському озері Тельбін.
PR-бюро «Дієслово» обеспечило коммуникационную поддержку Третьего Всеукраинского Конкурса детского рисунка

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