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Маленькая мечта для детей с диабетом сбылась!

PR-bureau Dіeslovo will carry out PR-support of projects in the Internet of Kyiv city employment center.
PR-bureau Dіeslovo has signed a contract with the Kyiv city employment center.
PR-bureau "Dієslovo" hasdeveloped the concept of a calendar for 2012 by order of Sanofi.
PR-bureau "Dіeslovo" has developed the concept of desktop and wall calendars for 2012.
The main purpose of charity tennis tournament D * lux Kiev Open has been reached! "Father's House" has collected enough money!
The PR-bureau "Dіeslovo" has provided organizational assistance to Charitable Foundation, by developing number of necessary communication materials.
November 14 - World Diabetes Day!
PR-bureau "Dіeslovo" has provided organizational support of internal and external activities of Sanofi Ukraine to mark the World Day of diabetes.
Match-point in favor of childhood!
November 18 - 20 at the "Courts in Podil" will be held Fall charity tennis tournament in men's doubles amateur D * lux Kiev Open.
Eternal glory to the Liberators of Kyiv region!
On the 5th November in the village Gatne of Kiev-Svyatoshyn district was held re-interment of 125 soldiers of Red Army, who died during the Defense of Kiev in 1941.
“Do not wait, or you will be shot!” Nina Ali in the first PR-Space Congress*
The first PR-Space Congress was held on September 28th under the 15th International Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing and Media REX-2011. Directors and Chairmans of the Boards of Ukrainian companies, including: director of communications with alumni of the International Institute of Management, Director of Corporate Affairs at Nestle Ukraine and Moldova, Head of SPN Ogilvy 360* Digital Influence in Russia and Ukraine and others participated in the event.
PR-бюро «Дієслово» осуществило PR-сопровождение конференции по продажам в Киеве

Международная диаспартакиада - 2011 в Сочи для детей и подростков с сахарным диабетом

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