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The project "The Ukrainians: the path to yourself."
Offsite practices of Ukrainians

PR-bureau Dieslovo organized a medical conference by order of the Kiev office of Sanofi-Aventis.
April 8-9, 2009 in Kiev was held a conference “Innovations in the treatment of diabetes. SoloSTAR helps to move on”, during which the pharmaceutical company sanofi-aventis presented to endocrinologist from all regions of Ukraine syringe pen for injection of insulin preparations of its own production.
Creation of PR-alliance.
In November 2008, PR-bureau "Dieslovo", Marketing Technologies Bureau and company "Publicity Creating" took the initiative to create an alliance that would unite all organizations interested in creating a transparent and clear rules on the Ukrainian PR-market.
Research of the Ukrainian PR-market.
PR-bureau “Dieslovo” acted as co-organizer of research of Ukrainian PR-market, which was initiated and carried out by the Marketing Technologies Bureau and PR-bureau “Dieslovo” together with Publicity Creating.
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